OOTW No. 5

Friday. YAY! So yesterday I posted a picture of me and my pup, Ollie! He’s my fur baby!! Anyway, y’all loved the outfit i had on in the picture so much I just had to made it my OOTW, and let me just say..I think this is my favorite OOTW so far! It is literally so comfy, but you definitely wouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed if you wore this outfit out running errands. Every single piece featured in this OOTW is such good quality at a even better price. But I will rave about each piece individually later on in the post!! okay okay I made y’all wait long enough to see what this outfit looks like on AND……

My 5th OOTW is….

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

1// V-NECK SHIRT— this little basic tee is anything but basic to me. I literally wear it with everything. I have multiple white ones, and even a few of the other colors because lets be honest..can you have too many basic tees?? AND HOW CAN YOU BEAT $17???

2//GREY CARDIGAN–okay so i searched and searched and searched for the EXACT one Im wearing in the pictures, but apparently it not being sold anymore or something, BUT i did link one that is so similar to mine. I did buy mine at H&M also so Im so confident that the one i linked is just as good as mine!!

3//LEGGINGS— THESE LEGGINGS OMG! I just got these in the email the other day, and I have literally not taken them off. I am living in these things!! ugh so good! They are so soft, and even have pockets so they kinda have the jogger feel too!! I would normally order a small, but they only had an XS when I was ordering so I went with an XS and I am extremely happy with the way they fit me!!

4//BEANIE–Ya just cant have enough pom pom beanies! they are the perfect winter accessory and i am loving it!!

5// UGG SLIPPERS–Ive raved about these slippers for some time now, and they are still a favorite of mine!! super great for lounging around the house, or even out running errands!

as always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!
xo, ty

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