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If your like me at all, your makeup bag is full of junk ya don’t use and probably don’t even need! But again if your like me at all there’s some stuff in your makeup bag that you literally can not live without!! For me there’s only about six things that I use daily, and if I didn’t use them, my makeup routine would not be complete! (These things are my personal preference.)

1// BEAUTY BLENDER–I absolutely can not do my makeup without my beauty blender! This little sponge gives me all the feels, and I really don’t know how I made it as long as I did without one. *Tip-damp your beauty blender for a super smooth application!

2// TARTE CONCEALER— this little gem is fairly new to my makeup collection, but it has so quickly became an all time fave concealer. Like if you havent tried this one you are missing out!!

3// TARTE FOUNDATION— the foundation is just as good as the concealer. Tarte has not disappointed me so far! I love all their product. This foundation if perfect for oily skin. It last all day long, and it literally can’t be beat! It also has 12 hour of full coverage, and 15 SPF!! CHECK THIS ONE OUT!!

4// MAC TEDDY VELVET NUDE LIPSTICK–this lipstick is a total game changer! It’s so amazing. It’s the only things ive been wearing lately because it literally pairs great with everything. If you are needing a new lip color this is the one that I would recommend. You can’t beat it!!!

5// BLUSH–To this day I have not found a blush that beats this one for me!! It has been my go to blush for so long, and it’s not going anywhere anytime so! The color is perfect for all the seasons because it’s so subtle! I love it!!

6// MAC PRESS POWDER–This Mineralize Skinfinish powder is a oringal Mac piece in my makeup collection. I’ve literally used this for over 5 years! it’s just that good, and I havent found anything that compares. It leaves your skin looking and feeling so smooth.

Although these six things are my must haves, I’m always open to new suggestions. So if you have something that you LOVE as well, shoot me a DM or comment on this blog post! I would love to try your favs too!!

as always, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask

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