22 Facts About Me For My 22nd Birthday

1// I’m a arkansas girl! Born and raised, and planning to stay! 🙂

2// I have a guy…THE guy! Zac and I have been together for almost six years!

3// I’m still in college. Im majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Sociology. (I’m just taking a few victory laps!) LOL.

4// I have a pretty great family! Mom, Dad, Brother + a new sis in law come July!

5// I have THREE fur babies: Lily, Ava, and Ollie!!!

6// RANDOM FACT: I graduated high school with twelve people in my class…it’s a tiny school!

7// I have a odd obsession with skincare products..I know it’s weird but whatever!

8// I’m a lover of coffee, and a firm believer that when drinking coffee the best conversations happen!

9// I’m a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority!

10// Im a beach goer! I love the beach. Everything about the beach I love!

11/ RANDOM FACT: every member of my family’s name starts with a “T”

12// My favorite food is sushi!

13// I’ve been to Canada once..it was beautiful!!

14// I’m 22, and watch the news…and hgtv. It’s fine!

15// I live for weekly Real Housewives watch parties with my Mom!

16// I probably shop a little tooooo much

17// I have one tattoo, and it’s the size of a dime, but it hurt sooooo bad!

18// My ideal date night is a stay home movie night…I’m an old soul!

19// I go to college at Arkansas State University!

20// My dream vacay is to go to Colorado, and learn to snow ski!

21// I’ve only been blogging for a little over 2 months

22// I’m a firm believer that a pedi can make anything better!

I hope y’all enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me!! If you can relate to any of these facts…shoot me a dm! I would love to connect!



As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!!

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