Denim Shorts Round Up

With Spring and Summer quickly approaching it’s about time to dig out all my favorite denim shorts!! And if I’m being honest I’m a total denim short junkie. I’m so picky when it comes to shorts, and I have narrowed it down to my top 3 favorite.

First are my comfy denim. These are the denim that I throw on with literally any top! They are looser fitted, and are perfect for running around town.

Next, is my favorite WHITE denim. A girl needs a good pair of short white denim. These are perfect to dress up for a night out at the beach!

Lastly is my MOST favorite pair. These pair are denim, but can be dress up for town. Literally the perfect staple denim for any girls wardrobe. Now I’m going to break each pair down for y’all with link and details soooo keep reading 🙂

High Wasted / Loose Denim

White Denim Shorts

Classic Denim Shorts

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