10 Questions To Ask Any Wedding Venue That You Are Considering + A Sneak Peek Of Our Venue

My second #weddingwednesday is already here, and I am so excited to share all thing venue with you all today. If you are new to my blog, or missed it, I started a wedding planning series last week, and shared “What To Wear For A Spring Engagement Photoshoot.” If you interested, you can view that here.

Now let’s get to the fun part. Searching for venues is the first thing we did when starting the actual “wedding planning.” We looked at three different venues, and the very last one we looked at is the one we ended up going with. The first two places were good, but I just didn’t “feel” like either one was the “right” place. But instantly when we walked into the third venue we fell in love. We just knew it was a no brainer, and we didn’t really even have to discuss pros and cons. It was just right, and we were more than happy with our decision.

Before we started the venue hunt, I didn’t know what to expect much less know the right question to ask. Because I didn’t know what to ask, or really what to look for I racked my brain with any and every question that came to mind. I wrote probably thirty question down, but honestly that was too many because any good venue/venue owner that knows what they are doing is going to answer half of those questions within the first 10 to 20 minutes of talking because it just routine for them. The other half of the questions were answered with no hesitation when i asked. so today I am going to share the top 10 questions to ask any venue you are considering:

// Ask about all Event Packets, and compare prices to what is important to you. So for example, It was really important to us and our families to have a stress free wedding day so I would suggest considering a “all exclusive” packet (if that is something that is offered at that specific venue.)
Q1: Do you offer an all exclusive wedding packet, and exactly what all does it include?
Things to highly consider when asking about “all exclusive.” My venues “all exclusive” packet include all of the following:
1. Does it include tables and table cloths
2. Does it include a cateror?
3. Does it include a florist?
4. Does it include a wedding planner/wedding coordinator?
5.Does it include a cake?

// Another thing that is important to me, but is super important to my mom (because lets be honest she would be doing most of the work the day of) is if our own packet includes a “Set Up/Take Down” options so you or your family don’t have to worry about that before or after your wedding. Luckily our venue is totally responsible for doing this for us They will set it up exactly how I want, I just don’t have to worry about actually doing it.
Q2: Will you all be responsible for setting up the decoration before the wedding, and taking them down after the wedding is over?

// Although a rehearsal/rehearsal dinner is super important to someone people, it is not on the high priority list for us. If that is something that is a must have for you be sure to clarify if rehearsal/rehearsal dinner is included in the price they quote to you. ** A little side note: Our packet price does not include a night before rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. We have our venue from 8am to 12am on our wedding day so Zac and the our wedding party will just rehears the morning of.
Q3: Does the price include having the venue the night before for a  rehearsal/rehearsal dinner?

Q4: If the weather is looking bad, is there a “plan B” for the ceremony?” 

Q5: What is the max number of quest?

Q6: Do you have a list of venders that you would suggest? : cateror, florist, bakery, DJ, wedding coordinator, etc. (if they dont offer an “all exclusice” packet.)

Q7: What all decorations are including in the packet price, and do you offer decoration rentals?

Q8: Are we allowed to bring our own decoration?

Q9: Do you offer your own wedding officiant, or can we hire our own?

Q10: Does your venue include bride/groom “get ready” rooms?

**alittle bonus question that I think it super important!

Q11. When does the final payment have to be paid?



Click here if you want to see more about our wedding venue !!

I hope y’all enjoyed this, and it gives you a little guide to go by when hunting for YOUR perfect wedding venue. Although I gave y’all a sneak peak of our venue, check back next Wednesday for a full blog post on our venue including details, and why we fell in love with this particular venue!

If you have something is mind that you want to see in the series, email or DM me and I will include it 🙂

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