Our Venue + How We Picked It

Welcome to my third wedding Wednesday post!! Last week, I shared 10 questions to ask any wedding venue you are consider + a sneak peek of our venue. You can view that here. But since you are here today you’re are going to get all the deets about our venue + why we fell in love with this particular venue! So let’s get started!!

First of all, I thought that finding the perfect venue would probably pretty difficult. It has to first off, well actually be available on your preferred wedding date. It has to check off all your must haves, and it has to be beautiful! Those are just a few of EVERYONES must haves. But personally I think the biggest must have is to get that “feeling” as soon as you walk in the door. That feeling of “this is where my dream wedding is going to be.” (It gives me butterflies just thinking about it!!!) AND that is the exact feeling I got when I drove up to my venue!

Okay I’ll give y’all a little run down or how it all happened. So zac and I had probably been engaged a couple of days, and all my excitement got the best of me. I thought every decision had to be made right that very second. And to be honest, finding a venue does have to be decided fairly quickly. Choosing a date was our very first decision, and next was venue.

We scheduled three appointments to look at three different venues. We had seen beautiful events at all three places so for us it was going to come down to the “feeling.” We went to the first place and I liked it..didn’t love it, and there was a lot of “what if’s” for this particular venue. I didn’t feel like this venue was the one for us so ultimately we did not choose that one. A few days had passed, and we were going to the next two places the same day. We get to the second place, and it was so pretty. It would have been everything I wanted, but the little details, and that “feeling” wasn’t there. Finally!!! We drive to the third and final venue. I don’t think I’ll ever forget Zac’s face when we got out of the car. He was smiling so big, and then that made me smile even bigger!! So we go inside, speak and ask the owner/coordinator the standard questions. Zac and I walked around the property, just looking at all the possibilities that came with this venue. And when the words “all inclusive” came out of our coordinators mouth, Zac looked at me and said “it’s a no brainer.” We were so relieved that not only was it beautiful and available on our date, it was super important for me for it to be all inclusive so we and our families could have a stress free day!! And of course I got that “feeling” I’ve been talking about as soon as I stepped in the door!!

I hope y’all enjoyed getting to read a little bit about our venue journey!! Check back next Wednesday for another wedding Wednesday post! Any guesses what it’s going to be about!?

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