Five Vacation Essentials

With summer just around the corner, I am constantly day dreaming of my toes in the sand!! My family takes a week long beach trip each summer to Destin. It’s safe to say our happy place is the beach, and we have such fun spending time together enjoying some “vitamin sea.”

I thought this post would be super beneficial for everyone because literally the first question I ask my mom when packing for the beach is “what all are you taking!?” Anyone else!? Maybe it’s just me! It’s so hard to condense everything you think you may need when heading down to the gulf, but I’ve made a list of five essentials to be sure to include in you’re bag!


it’s no surprise that everything espadrille is this seasons trend. And I am not complaining. Seriously I think my favorite summer trend to date! The espadrille sole gives that beach vibe, but of course can be worn any and everywhere. You just can’t go wrong with styling your outfit with any espadrille shoe! Click here to check out my espadrille picks!


These may seem like a no brainier, but I had to include it. With summer coming up, it’s time to stock up on a few new swimmies. I like to buy one or two new ones for a trip to the beach. Have fun with your beach swimsuit styles. maybe pick out something you wouldn’t wear to your local pool. Grab a few staple one pieces, and a trendy bikini and you’ll be good to go! Click here to check out my beach swimsuit picks!


for the love of anti-aging please please please stock up on a good SPF. You will thank me later! A little tip I have is to lather yourself up with sunscreen during the day, and whatever you do, don’t get sunburnt. It will ruin your whole trip. Instead of burning to get the bronzed glow, use self tanner!! It’ll save you the pain of ouchie skin, and you’ll still have the beach tan. No one will every know the difference!! Another tip to protect your face from the sun, is investing is a good sun hat. Click here to view my skin care essentials and sun hat picks for the beach!


okay let’s be honest, I’ll do anything to have an extra second on the beach! I’m not all about heading up early to plan my perfect outfit for a night out on the town. I suggest packing 4 or 5 comfortable dresses that are easy to just throw on right out of the shower. Not to mention packing dresses will give you more room in your luggage because it’s a one piece outfit!! So it’s a win-win!! Click here to see what dresses I’m packing for the beach!!


As mentioned earlier, my entire family goes to the beach so space is very limited when packing. I would suggest investing in a cute bag that can be used to carry your junk (everyone takes way more than needed) down to the beach, and that is cute enough to match your stylish outfits out to dinner! Click here to check out my beach bag/purse picks!


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