Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Happy wedding Wednesday!! I’m so glad you decided to come back for this weeks post!! If you missed last week, I shared all the deets on our venue!! If your interested, you view that post here!!

For this weeks wedding Wednesday you probably know by now with the title, and the cute pictures, but I’ll be giving y’all the run down on my bridesmaids proposal boxes!! After setting a date, and finding a venue, I began to round-up by girl gang!! These girls mean so much to me, so I wanted to do something to make them feel extra special!!

I browsed Pinterest up and down to get ideas of what to do for my proposal boxes. I would find something I liked here, and something else there, but I had an over all “idea” of what I wanted the boxes to include! So my first suggestion when trying to create a bridesmaid proposal box is to figure out the “theme” you want to go along with! After you have a theme (mine would be colorful, bright, and fun) you can start to fill it with goodies!

Also, I have four bridesmaids, and one matron of honor. I put the exact same thing in all my bridesmaids boxes, and I had to do something a little different to my matron of honors box! Along with each of their boxes, I wrote them each a note asking if they will stand by my side!!



BAR OF SOAP // NAIL POLISH // CANDLE (smells amazing!!!!) // BATH BOMB




I hope y’all enjoyed this weeks wedding Wednesday as mush as I enjoyed rounding up my girl gang, and making them feel extra special! Next weeks post is going to be a little different, but def requested!! any guess??



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