Wedding Ring Set

Welcome back to my weekly wedding series!! I have loved loved loved sharing this beautiful journey with you all this far, and I’m so incredibly happy to have you back this week! If you’re new around here, and have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll give ya a little run down! A few weeks ago I started a “Wedding Wednesday” wedding series over here on my blog. I’ve shared everything from What To Wear For A Spring Engagement Photoshoot to the low down on Our Venue, and much much more!! Last week was a super fun post because I shared my Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes. Definitely check those out if you happened to miss one!!

Alrighty now on to this weeks #weddingwednesday!! Today, I’ll be sharing the different types of wedding ring sets a bride to be can pick from!! I want y’all to help me decide mine!!


White gold wedding ring + band is what I automatically think of when I think of a wedding ring set. It just looks so classic to me, and is perfect for the simple girl that wants to make a small statement. If brides to be pick white gold everything, but still want to be unique, they totally can. The possibilities are endless, and as you pick out your white gold wedding ring set, be sure to pick something that matches your personality!!


This option is perfect for you if your an old soul. It gives that vintage feel, but also can have a very modern twist to it. I love the look of yellow gold wedding ring sets, and if it fits your personality, go for it!! Yellow gold is quickly coming back into style, and choosing a yellow gold wedding ring set would be the perfect statement piece!!


Out of all the options I’m writing about, I feel like this is the most popular these days. The styles and combinations are endless if you decide to do a mixed gold wedding ring set. I love white gold and rose gold together. That just has the perfect “pop” to it!! Also mixing white gold and yellow gold is becoming popular!! If you want something beautiful and unique, mixed golds are for you!!

Still having trouble deciding your perfect wedding ring set?? That’s alright! It’s a huge decision, and you need to be sure to review your options up and down before deciding!! Get all he inspiration you can, and be creative with your decision!! Have fun with it, and think outside of the box!! If your needing a little inspiration and help deciding, I have the perfect tool for you! Click here to view a ton of wedding ring sets, and look and all the possibilities!!

Leave a comment with your favorite wedding ring set style below!! I hope y’all enjoyed this wedding Wednesday post!!!

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