Wedding Playlist

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! So I’ve quickly figured out that planning a wedding is kinda stressful, and takes a whole lotta time! I mean I have to decide everything from wedding colors, down to the exact songs that are going to play, well the entire night! It’s really all the little things that takes so much time and attention to plan. Like the music for example; you must have a song for when guest are arriving, when the wedding party walks in, when the bride walks in, when the bride and groom are leaving, when the wedding party is leaving, the first dance song, the background music, the exits music, and honestly so so so so much more!! ITS SO MUCH!! And honestly I am not a music gal, but I’m quickly becoming a wedding music connoisseur with a little help from some very helpful resources!!


First of all, you have to pick the genre of music you want your wedding to display: to get an idea of wedding songs click here !!! Once you know all the different songs there are, you can narrow it down to exact types of music you want for your wedding!

This website is such a great resource for all of your wedding playlist needs!! I have constantly used it for planning mine and Zac’s big day when it comes to all things music!! Like a said before I am in not way a knower of all things music, but this website has helped me so much, and I thought it would be great to share with anyone who is trying to create a wedding playlist!!

I hope y’all enjoyed this post as much as I had fun creating and sharing my wedding planning journey!! If you are a first timer around here, be sure to check out my other #weddingwednesday post. Click here to get a glimpse of what our big deal with look like!!!

stay tuned for next weeks, WEDDING DRESS GUIDE!!! YAY

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