Wedding Dress Guide

Welcome back to my wedding planning series!! I’m so glad you’ve decided to check back this Wednesday to see my Wedding Dress Guide!

One of the biggest decision you’ll make thus far in your life. Your wedding dress. It can be the happiest/most stressful time during your engagement journey. Girl I know, it’s so important to find your perfect dress. Not only do you want the dress to be beautiful, you want to feel beautiful walking down the aisle to your forever. My biggest suggestion if you are having trouble thinking about what kind of dress you want would be to think about you’re wedding venue; your “theme,” and think about what dress you see yourself wearing to go along with each. For example, if you are having a “rustic” wedding look for lace. Lace really goes well with a barn/rustic wedding! I’ve found some articles that will guide you even further depending on your specific venue/theme. I picked the top three “themes” that are the most common types of weddings!

1// The Perfect Dress for an Country Wedding

These dresses are the perfect inspiration for any girl who is wanting a country side wedding! They give the light and airy feel!! They the stunning & would be the perfect choice!!

2// The Perfect Dress For a Rustic Wedding

These dress are the perfect inspiration for any girl who is looking to get married in a barn or more of a “rustic” type of venue! The lace details scream rustic. They are beautiful & would complete the theme!

3//The Perfect Dress For The Girl Who Wants Something Unique

These dresses are what I consider the not so “traditional” wedding dresses, but they are just as breath taking. They add the perfect pop of unique features for the girl who is wanting something outside of the norm!

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