My Room Tour // Volume 1

Hi friends! Welcome back to my blog, or if you are new around here I’m super excited that you found your way onto my site. You all will never know how much it means to me when you take time out of your day to hang out with me!

My famous (& what I mean by famous is I post them way to often) mirror selfies have sparked major interest in my room decor. I get a ton of questions about where I have purchased the statement pieces that tie my room together. I will preference this by saying that my room has been years and year of a work in progress, and getting everything just how I like it. so not everything is super new, but I will link similar options to give you the same look if it’s something you are interested in!

I honestly feel like my room is a space where I can go to create my best content. When my space is nice and neat, and of course pretty too I am way more inspired! In this post, I will link most everything, but I will give a short description of the most loved and asked about pieces! YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO BROWSE EVERYTHING I WILL BE LINKING THROUGHOUT THE POST.

White Side Table // this is the newest to my collection, but I honestly bought it with Zac and I’s future house in mind, but I loved it tooo much to store it away for 7 months.

Cheetah Print Head Board // so I had this speciality made when I moved into my apartment for college. It’s not a piece that I can link because it’s a one of a kind, made just for me. But I will link some of my fave headboard that I’m loving and eyeing for my future home here.

Gold Pillow // these were also another purchase when I was starting college. I love love love any type of gold accent pillow! I feel like it can add to any space.

Canvases // another item that I can not link because my future MIL made the two outside ones just for me!! I sent her some inspiration pictures & she worked her magic to give me the cutest wall decor!

Basket // Mirror // Picture frames // Lamp // Bedspread // Throw blanket

Canvas // TV Stand // White Cubby

Brown Desk // Bench // Cork Board

LOL of course mirror self!!
V-Neck Tee // Cardigan // Shorts

as always, if I didn’t link something that caught your eye please do not hesitate to ask! I would love to help you decorate your space!

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